Ballen is a women's accessories brand built on conscious craftsmanship and essential luxury. Using a timeless and intimate approach to its Colombian heritage, the brand delves into local materials to build virtuosic, modern silhouettes of uncompromising quality. Under the Creative Direction of founder Ricardo Ballen, this family-owned and storied brand constantly revisits its legacy of equestrian Colombia and first-hand knowledge of the best Italian craftsmanship, while simultaneously committing to sustainability and innovation. Also inspired by the Ballen family's deep passion for handcraft, each piece is carefully constructed resulting in an emotional yet sophisticated process.

Ballen operates within a concept of ethical production that allows not only the best working conditions for its craftsmen, but also exclusive attention to detail and design. From polished leather bags to sturdy buckets filled with tagua seeds and other local materials, her collections are made entirely in her workshop by masterful hands. Their unique materials are mostly sourced locally, thus enriching the experience in each item. Having accepted the concept of "muse" as the epitome of inspiration for any creative artist, comes Carina. Ricardo's wife, longtime partner and now Lucio's mother, Carina embodies the essence of the Ballen woman. Intuitive, driven and demanding, the Ballen woman is a lover of travel and a collector of relics. His timeless sense of style and cultural awareness lie at the core of the brand's creative journey. Ballen is a brand that cares and listens; Whether it's its growing community of customers or its dedicated team of supporters, it listens carefully while staying true to the values ​​on which it was founded. That is why he will continue to innovate within traditions, fight for sustainability, and share timeless narratives of his culture through each of his pieces.